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informed consent text informed consent text
Table of contents

Chapter 1 - One month implant
Chapter 2 - Life of implants
Chapter 3 - Long life implant
Chapter 4 - What is implant?
Chapter 5 - After implant treatment

The Basics

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Chapter 1: One month implant

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Question 1
A title of this book ?One month implant? sounds like a common noun to me, is that a name of implant?

Question 2
You mentioned that the implant becomes one`s own tooth in only one month, so does it mean that we would be able to eat a solid food with ease and clench our teeth as we could with natural teeth, and also we can have concentration when we play sports?

Question 3
Why can AQB implant only requires one month for patients to be able to eat in one month but normal implants requires six months?

Question 4
By the way, you said ?one month? but does this apply to everyone?

Question 5
So, you said that “This implant becomes one`s own tooth”, is that mean that the implant becomes like my natural tooth?If that true, it is like a miracle I mean, it is a revolution. Would you be able to tell me how that happens?
■ Experience of AQB Part 1: “Lack of interest in conversations.”
Mr. Kotaro Yoshida (70 year-old, Man)

Question 6
What is the mechanism of ?become one`s own tooth??
■ Figure 1 Process of newly generated bone augmentation
■ Picture 1 Newly generated bone augmentation

Question 7
I think this is an epoch-making technique by your explanation, but do you have a patent for this?

Question 8
Is there any case that a patient gets infected because of the incision on gingiva for the implantation?
■ Figure 2 Mirror polish + Hydrothermal treatment
■ Figure 3 Spiral cylinder form

Question 9
How does bio affinity power work in the jawbone of the body?
■ Figure 4 Mechanism to “become one`s own tooth”

Question 10
I heard that safety of AQB implant is very high, but could you tell me the reason for it?

Chapter 2: Life of implants

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Question 1
How long do implants last since patients start to bite after implant installations?
■ Point 1 Life of implants are determined by the three factors

Question 2
You mentioned the life of ?one month implant? as ?long life implant? as well, but how long do you assume that this ?long life implant? would actually last? And also, how long do normal implants last?

Question 3
If so, this ?one month implant? is ?long life implant? and it means that the implant has three times or four times more life compare with normal implants when life of normal implants is said to be 10 years. Then why these differences occur? What is the reason for it?
■ Point 2 Long life implant = AQB implant

Question 4
?Lasts forever? is the title of this book, but is there actually anyone who has lived well with ?one month implant?? If there is, is it possible to ask him/her to tell me his/her story?

Question 5
?Lasts forever? is the title of this book but do you think that every one`s implants would last forever?
■ Experience of AQB part 2: “It has passed 21 years in a flash since AQB implant surgery. I still feel so great!”
Mr. Shinichi Harada (53 years old, man)
■ Experience of AQB part 3: “My implant which gives me sprits”
Ms. Yoshiko Mayama 68 years old, woman.

Question 6
I visited you today because my friend told me that she has a ?Magic implant?. I told her that I have a loose tooth and it may come out, then she said “This dental clinic is
the best for you”, then she introduced me to your dental clinic. She said “Right after my tooth was extracted, I let my dentist to install implant then I just felt like my new tooth developed right away”.Is it true that my new tooth would develop right after the tooth extraction? If so, maybe a ?Magic implant? is not an exaggerate story.

Question 7
I would love to have that surgery as well. Would you tell me the detail of one month implant`s technique which installs an implant right after the tooth extraction?
■ Point 3 Required time to be able to start to eat after the implant placement
■ Point 4 AQB implant and other implants .

Chapter 3: Long life implant

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Question 1
I know that they are many kinds of implants but is there any difference among them?

Question 2
If so, why is this great revolutionary implant that patients want to have the most is not spreading around the world? I believe that this long life implant should become popular like iPad in this world and people should accept it positively.

Question 3
So, if we can meet this long life implant, it means that we are lucky. But don?t you think that this great implant should be widely used? I think that would be an act of kindness and contribution to society. Don?t you think that you should help patients from unnecessary time and risks?

Question 4
So, what kind of people actually has long life implant?
Could you please tell me the experience and desire of patients?
■ Experience of AQB Part 4: “I am enjoying my life, eating and singing”
Ms. Reiko Yoshibayashi (62 year-old, woman)
■ Experience of AQB Part 5: “Released from my denture”
Ms. Yasuko Yoshikawa (63 year-old, woman)
■ Experience of AQB part 6: “Escaping from dementia”
Mr. Hideo Moriyama (64 year-old, man)
■ Experience of AQB part 7: “My bad breath pointed out by my grandson has improved”
Ms. Haruko Aida (61 year-old, woman)

Question 5
What is the difference between a long life implant (AQB implant) and a bridge?
■ Figure 5 Structure of tooth
■ Figure 6 Mechanism of bridge
■ Figure 7 Mechanism of bridge
■ Point 5 Comparison table of merits and demerits between ?one month implant? and bridge

Question 6
My jaw is edentulous and I have a denture, but I am always annoyed by uncomfortable feeling. Today, I am here because I have heard a good reputation of ?long life implant?. Please tell me difference between a denture and the long life implant in my case.
■ Figure 8 Structure of a full denture

Question 7
Is it true that a long life implant can improve dementia?

Question 8
I understand that the periodontal disease is a cause of arteriosclerosis, cerebral apoplexy, and dementia. Then, can the arteriosclerosis be a cause of heart disease or hypertension which are caused by bad blood circulation? If so, in terms of protecting me from heart disease, dementia, and hypertension, is it more desirable to extract an affected tooth early and place an implant than to cure the tooth?

Question 9
In order to prevent dementia, cerebral apoplexy, and heart disease, I understand that it is useful to extract an affected tooth at early stage and place an implant in cases when the periodontal disease is unlikely to be cured. Is the periodontal disease related to any other systemic diseases?

Question 10
I have a daughter and I was concerned the problem of preterm low birth weight caused by the periodontal disease. I have heard that if periodontal disease is progressed, it will be not cured since there is no special medicine for it. Therefore the cause had better to be removed by extracting a tooth. Some municipalities provide subsidy to let people to go to the dentist. Is it that serious problem?

Question 11
What kind of risks are there in placing the long life implant?

Question 12
I understand that long life implant (AQB implant) becomes ?my own tooth? and I think it means that the implant ?integrates with the jawbone and becomes a part of
the body?. I thought that was the one of a kind characteristic, but I found a section ?implant which integrates with bone? in the book on implants. The implant`s name was ?osseointegrated implant? and the book said that metal called titanium integrates with the human bone directly? and explained that ?osseo? means bone in Latin. I have believed that ?only long life implant can integrate with the bone and becomes one?s own tooth? and ?one of a kind?. But is there any other implants which ?can integrate with bone?? Please tell me the truth.

Chapter 4: What is implant?

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Question 1
We can find various kinds of implants on the internet, but they all get lumped together as ?implant?. Can you tell me the sorts of implants and their merits and demerits?
■ Figure 9 Structure of an implant
■ Figure 10 Flow of implant treatment
■ Figure 11 Basic flow of implant treatment
■ Figure 12-1 One stage
■ Figure 12-2 Two stage

Question 2
Are there various kinds of implant surgeries?
■ Figure 13 Socket lift procedure
■ Figure 14 Sinus lift procedure

Question 3
Can anybody receive implant treatment if they want? For example, I have heard that implant placement will be impossible if patient?s jawbone is hollow because of his/her illness. Is that true?

Question 4
I have been affected with chronic diabetes mellitus for 30 years. This doctor said to me that implant treatment would be difficult because my bone was thin. He also said that implant treatment would likely to be fail because diabetics have low bone density. Do you think that ?one month implant? can be performed under this condition?

Chapter 5 :After implant treatment

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Question 1
I understand that the ?one month implant? can become one?s own tooth but can this tooth be decayed or get pyorrhea?

Question 2
Please tell me about aftercare for the implant placement


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