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- Playing a part in state-of-the-art dental medicine
Tokorozawa Plant
Highly diversified consumer needs and technological evolution characterizes the current consumer market. In the dental industry, competition has been increasing. In this context, AQB targets user-oriented product development and provides products that satisfy dentists and patients. We continuously study this industry and apply our innovative ideas and strong R&D capabilities to quickly provide state-of-the-art products at the core of New Material Science Laboratory (Tokorozawa Plant).
As an innovator in dental medicine, AQB will continue to accept the challenge of contributing to society through state-of-the-art products.

- Latest technical developments
Recrystallization forms the needle- or hexagonal cylinder-like microcrystal of HA with high purity on the surface of AQB
Owing to the popular technique of creating recrystallized hydroxyapatite, our outperforming technical capabilities and state-of-the-art facilities make AQB one of the best implants. As the “Best of Breed,” we still provide higher technologies for dental practice through continual efforts undertaken particularly by the New Material Science Laboratory with cooperation from universities, institutes, hospitals, and researchers from the Japanese Society for Advanced Implant Medicine.

- Thorough quality control
Our AQB Implants are manufactured at the Tokorozawa Plant, which meets GMP, the regulations for quality control of medical devices by MHLW. The plant also complies with Good Vigilance Practices (GVP) and Good Quality Practices (GQP). Furthermore, inspections involve original detailed quality checks for each process at the Tokorozawa Plant in order to manufacture products in a safe, clean environment that satisfy users.

Plasma spraying process for recrystallized HA coating Even microparticles will not be let go (stereoscopic microscope) Quality inspection by an expert
The plasma spraying process influences the quality of recrystallized HA and is completely controlled for production using industrial robots to generate a stable coating layer. We introduced advanced stereoscopic microscope to detect microparticles in product inspections In order to eliminate possible infectious sources, including microscopic defects and foreign matter. We apply high standards to all inspections. Strict inspections by experts with extensive knowledge and experience are essential to maintaining industry leading quality.