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The Basics The Basics
Table of contents

Part 1 - The history and concept of implant
Part 2 - Basic dentistry for implants
Part 3 - Implants and clinical dentistry
Part 4 - A summary of the AQB implant system
Part 5 - Legal issues

The Basics

Table of contentspdf Read Now

Part 1- The history and concept of implant

Chapter 1 Dental implantpdf Read Now

I. Definition of implants
II. History of the implant
III. Types and characteristics of the implant
IV. Style of the interface between the implant and bone
V. Current situation and future trends for implants
VI. What is expected of the AQB implant?

Part 2 - Basic dentistry for implants

Chapter 1 The histology of bonepdf Read Now

I. The function of osseous tissue
II. The structure of osseous tissue
III. Growth of bone
IV. Growth of the bone
V. Vascular and nervous supply of bone
VI. Remodeling and modeling of bone

Chapter 2 Implants and oral anatomypdf Read Now

I. Osteology of the oral area
II. Muscles that form the walls of the oral cavity
III. Arteries that supply the oral cavity
IV. Veins that drain the structures that surround the oral cavity
V. Nerves that supply the surroundings of the oral cavity
VI. Important structures of the oral cavity in relation to implants

Part 3 - Implants and clinical dentistry

Chapter 1 Implants and periodontologypdf Read Now

I. Basic concepts for implants
II. Its association to periodontal disease

Chapter 2 Implant and oral surgerypdf Read Now

I. Basic concept of oral surgery for implant treatment
II. Basic surgical procedures for implant treatment

Chapter 3 Implant and prosthodonticspdf Read Now

I. Basic implant concepts
II. Establishing accurate occlusion
III. Postscript

Chapter 4 Implants and anesthesiapdf Read Now

I. Local anesthesia
II. Psychosedation
III. General anesthesia

Chapter 5 Implant-related drugs (Basic management of medication)pdf Read Now

I. Basic approach to medication
II. Objectives of pharmacological therapy
III. Routes of administration
IV. Pharmacological action
V. Pharmacokinetics
VI. Drug side effects
VII. Medicines management

Chapter 6 Implants and biomaterials (hydroxyapatite)pdf Read Now

I. Hydroxyapatite
II. The crystal structures of hydroxyapatite
III. Synthesis and applications of hydroxyapatite ceramics
IV. Hydroxyapatite coating of titanium
V. Final word

Chapter 7 Implants and biomaterials (Titanium Metal)pdf Read Now

I. Properties of metallic materials
II. Overview of titanium
III. Titanium alloy as a biological material
IV. The surface of titanium
V. Reconstruction of the oxide passivation film
VI. Corrosion-resistant properties of titanium
VII. Properties and toxicity of titanium ions
VIII. Protein Adsorption

Part 4- A summary of the AQB implant system

Chapter 1 Concepts behind the AQB implant systempdf Read Now

I. Developmental history and its concepts

Chapter 2 Features of the AQB implant systempdf Read Now

I. Stability and safety of the AQB implant in vivo
II. The features of surface treatment of the AQB implant
III. Design features of the AQB implant
IV. Mutual use of abutments
V. Mutual use of tools 16
VI. Characteristic diagram of the T-type implant

Chapter 3 Composition of the AQB implant systempdf Read Now

I. The structure of the one-piece type
II. The structure of the two-piece type
III. The structure of the AQB implant prosthesis
IV. The characteristics of the AQB implant system

Part 5- Legal issues

Chapter 1 Current conflicts related to implants, and prospects for solutionspdf Read Now

I. The medical standards expected of medical and dental practitioners under trial
II. Implant treatment that is expected of the dentist
III. Examples of recent trials relating to dental malpractice
IV. Reconstruction of preventive measures against conflict common in dentistry
V. Securing the bidirectional exchange of medical information and treatment
VI. Human and physical abilities to reduce human error